Slimy Snoglug Soup
Wilderrun Provisions
Required Level: 35  
Stack Count: 20
Use: Slimy Snoglug Soup: Heals for 1128 and recovers Focus for 80 every second while eating. After eating for 6 seconds you will become stuffed and your Moxie and Armor will increa5e by 17 and 80 for 30 minutes.
  Sell for: 9IconSilver 5IconCopper

Materials Edit

Trainers Edit

See Cooking trainer for trainer locations.

Notes Edit

This recipe variant is a discovery from the Snoglug Stew Schematic.

Recipe Schematic also can be acquired from:

  • Dropped by Snoglugs Wilderrun, Southern Grimvault, and Western Grimvault.

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