(An analysis of sorts carried out by what passes for a Skeech intellectual regarding the origins of the Star-Comm faciliv and its true purpose.)

Skeech SKEECH Skeech power!

Skeech space Skeech SKEECH gods

Skeech OLD gods Skeech Skeech Skeech! S

keech Skeech GREEN Skeech Skeech SKEECH,

Skeech SKEECH lightning burn Skeech!

Skeech Skeech strange Skeech Skeech

SKEECH vines Skeech power!

Skeech Skeech vines Skeech feed Skeech SKEECH god-thing!


Skeech AWAKEN Skeech SKEEch Skeech! S

keech SKEECH Skeech stars! Skeech big green Skeech SKEECH!

CUBE Skeech SKEECH! Skeech Skeech Skeech. S

keech, Skeech Skeechskeech-perimental SKEECH!


Location This Journal is located underground in a Skeech cave. The cave can be accessed through a teleporter to the Engineering Sublevel Theta

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