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(Anthropologist Birchly has spent a great deal of time studying the Tanglevine Sketch tribe on Farside. This datapad is currently displaying the most recent entry.)

Among the Tanglevine - Day 004

After several days of observation, I believe I have reached a sort of understanding with these strange, little blue creatures known as the Tanglevine Sketch. I have been warned of their strange dietary habits, but it seems they know enough to respect my mag pistols. Reckon I ain't the first human these Sketch have set their big, shiny eyes on. They ain't all that big on talkin', but they respect a loaded gun. So there's that.

They sure ain't the first Sketch I've seen. Those little bastards in the Northern Wilds made life tough for a lot of us after the crash. Hell, that's one of the reasons I wanted to study the Tanglevine. And there's a lot about 'em that's pretty typical. They ain't too bright, they ain't too friendly, and they sure as shootin' ain't too picky about what or who they eat. But one thing they got that's damned unusual - some kinda "smart Sketch" that's been givin' the normal ones delusions'a grandeur.

I need to track this smart one down and see if he can be reasoned with. The Sketch ain't all that tough, but in great enough numbers they could really hurt some of our people. Exiles ain't afraid of a scrap, but ain't no reason to go gettin' ourselves killed by little blue freaks. Gotta admit, I surely would like to know how in hell a Sketch got smart in the first place. If all of 'em were a bit brainier, maybe we'd all be able to get along.


This journal is located in an Exile camp at 1100,-1258. It can be accessed by Dominion by sneaking in from behind, climbing over a rock and grabbing it before the troopers see you and one-shot you.

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