The Coalition of Galactic Scientists (CoGS)—a group of scientists from both factions who believe the search for the missing Eldan is too important to let a galactic conflict get in the way—are looking to further their research into Sim-Cores. These holographic simulations left behind by the Eldan not only allow adventurers to experience simulated stories, but could offer clues as to the disappearance of the Eldan. To this end, the CoGS are offering rewards for anyone who can complete Sim-Core simulations (widely known as Adventures).

By completing Adventures during Sim-Chase players will earn Hardlight Shards—solid pieces of data extracted from Sim-Cores—and trade them to Exchanger Krova for CoGS Sim-Cards. And CoGS Sim-Cards aren’t just for show, there are those in CoGS who need them to further their own research, and are willing to trade rare cases for them. Trader Jonjo can be found in the capital cities to trade CoGS Sim-Cards for rare housing plot décor pieces.

Cases are also available in the Store during the event.

Shrine Case

Each opened Shrine Case has a chance to drop one of the following:

  • 1 of 8 pieces from the Shrine décor set
  • NPCs from the Shrine décor set
  • Samu Samu Sim-Chieftain (pet)
  • Sky Remodel: Nightmare of Avatus (Red)
  • Housing Plot music track "Darkness of the Mind"
  • Sim-Core Superstar Guard NPCs
  • Caretaker décor piece
  • Augmented Equivar (mount)

Exo-Lab Case

Each opened Exo-Lab Case has a chance to drop one of the following:

  • 1 of 8 pieces from the Exo-Lab décor set
  • Defender Construct NPC décor
  • Sim-Core Superstar Guard NPCs
  • Coldburrow Sim-Warrior (pet)
  • Housing Plot music track “Beyond the Emerald Glow”
  • Sky Remodel: Caretaker's Dream (Green)
  • Caretaker décor piece
  • Augmented Equivar (mount)

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