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PASSENGER 1: Sadie Brightland - seat 12A
PASSENGER 2: Aron Brightland, A.K.A. Deadeye -  Seat 12B
DEPARTED FROM: Arkship Gambler's Ruin
DESTINATION: Gallow Spaceport Algoroc

NOTES: Peacekeeper records may indicate Aron "Deadeye" Brightland is a wanted criminal within the fleet and in several star systems. These records are in error and are to be updated. By order of the Admiral of the Exile Fleet Aron "Deadeye" Brightland is hereby granted a full pardon for any and all crimes against the Exile Accords. He is now free to own and carry firearms and other potential contraband on his person. His status as a free sapient and the similar status of his spouse Sadie Brightland shall not be questioned. In the latter case, all previous employment records for Sadie Brightland née Angelthorn are sealed by order of Avra Darkos.

This ticket is non-transferrable, non-refundable, and non toxic. Thank you for flying with Exile Shuttle Lines.

Location Edit

This journal is located in Northern Wilds at the Crash Site at 3989,-5380

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