Lopp come to Ellevar looking for shinies, and Lopp not disappointed! If you also Lopp, or just big-folk who think like Lopp, maybe you are also looking for shinies and fun times. This guide for you!

WHAT SHINIEST OF SHINIES? Hard to choose! Eldan shinies are good place to start Who Eldan? Who knows? More to point who cares? Good question! Answer is, big-folk like Exiles and Dominion! So Eldan shinies are shiny that shines twice: once when found, and again when sold by far-trader to big-folk!

BIG-FOLK LOSE SHINIES ALL THE TIME. Shinies of all kinds! These shinies best judged on case-by-case basis. Find smart far-trader or treasure hunter to help price your find!

LEGENDS OF MANY OTHER LOST SHINIES! These are a thing! Biggest shinies of all are hoarded by the Big Green Death. You don't want to mess with EGD, she is bad times! But still, only way to get best shinies! What to do? Hire big-folk! Hasn't worked so far, but has to sometimes! Try to hire big horn folk for starters. They think big hunting times super-fun but don't care about shinies. I know! But true. Get all the shinies, big horn folk do all the killing. 

Don't forget little creatures can contain shinies too. Snoglugs! Steamgliders! Splorg! Shiny shells, shiny gas bladders, and shiny eyeballs, respectively. Shinies everywhere!

SERIOUSLY, SHINIES ARE EVERYWHERE! so go get them, treasure hunters!


This Journal is located in Ellevar at -2650,-3768 in the Glitterfur Caravan

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