IconExiles  Shellshock!
Type Quest
Deadeye Brightland
Level 5
MinLevel 2
Location Camp IcefuryNorthern Wilds
Rewards 2IconSilver 31IconCopper
Choose one
Cold Flame Tunic
Modest Blast Suit
Icefury Breastplate
Episode Vengeance
Next More Important Than Revenge

Objectives Edit

Overload Dominion Cannons in Camp Icefury Kill Dominion forces in Camp Icefury Destroy the Dominion Ultrabot guarding the ships in Camp Icefury

Description Edit

Deadeye Brightland plans to lead a desperate frontal assault against the Dominion forces targeting Settler's Reach. Penetrate the Dominion lines and destroy the Dominion Ultrabot in Camp Icefury, so Brightland's charge will succeed.

Progress Edit

You snuck behind enemy lines and destroyed Dominion Cannons in Camp Icefury, allowing Deadeye Brightland to lead a successful assault against the Dominion in Northern Wilds.

Completion Edit

Report to Deadeye Brightland via your Datachron

External links Edit

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