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Gender Female
Race Granok
Type Superior
Role Quest Giver
Location Gambler's Ruin, Galeras
"Pretty sure I just saved your ass, Durek." - Sergeant Kara

Sergeant Kara is a Granok soldier in FCON and Commander Durek's go-to person for tough assignments.

Description Edit

Sergeant Kara is taller than most Granok, with shoulder-length "hair", steel-grey skin and orange eyes. She wears a green-and-orange uniform and usually carries a large shotgun.

History Edit

Sergeant Kara serves as Durek's second-in-command and came to Nexus with him on board the Gambler's Ruin. Her parents fell while serving Commander Durek and Kara was subsequently raised by Durek and his Destroyers. Despite her being well-trained, Durek did not allow her to join his squad of Destroyers, until one day when she led a rescue mission after Durek was stranded on a botched operation. As a result of her combat ingenuity, Kara was promoted to Sergeant.

Personality Profile Edit

Tough with a no-nonsense attitude, Kara is fearless in the war against the Dominion, but is less reckless than Durek. She will occasionally mimic Durek's responses when a quest is turned down, often saying something similar to 'You thought I was asking? I wasn't.'

Appearances Edit


Sergeant Kara.

Kara can be found on the Gambler's Ruin overseeing the chaos in the medbay, and next to Durek watching him lecture the FCON recruits in the hangar.

She also appears in Galeras, first leading the attack against a Dominion-held Eldan facility. She would later advise caution in attacking Dominion forces at the Temple of Osiric. Durek disregarded her advice, but Kara would be proven right later on- the attack resulted in the Falkrin laying siege to Skywatch.

Kara also oversees Exile operations in Grimvault.

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