IconDominion  Security Sync
Type Quest
Level 13
MinLevel 10
Location Exo-Lab A37Deradune
Rewards 7IconSilver 83IconCopper
Episode A Place for Everything
Next Fragmented Memory

Objectives Edit

Use the teleporter to travel to the security level of Exo-Lab A37 Sync the Security Avatar on the security level of Exo-Lab A37 Use the teleporter to return to the main level of Exo-Lab A37 Completion

Description Edit

The skeledroid attack was a result of a malfunction in the security core. The Caretaker has asked you to use the teleporter to travel to the security level of Exo-Lab A37 and sync his program with the Security Avatar.

Progress Edit

You successfully synchronized the Caretaker with the security program. Any augmentor who returns to the exo-lab will have its code updated and will no longer be able to reanimate skeletons in Leviathan's Rest.

Completion Edit

Return to the Caretaker in Exo-Lab A37

External links Edit

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