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ICI Agent ZL22gI Reporting

Current Assignment: Security Forces, Fist of Azrion

Specialization: Medical Experimentation



Samples of the infectious agent designated STRN10Z securely brought onboard under secure conditions. No contamination of air, water, or food supplies detected. Appropriate test subjects found among existing med bay patients. Experimentation approved.



Status of experimental subjects rapidly declining. Infectious agent STRN10Z appears to work very quickly. Unfortunately, efforts to retard or reverse the symptoms of infection have failed. At this time, infection of additional patients within the med bay is considered highly likely. Staff has been reminded to follow all safety procedures when working with all patients. Awaiting orders regarding containment. Recommend eliminating all test subjects and potentially infected individuals before agent STRN10Z spread beyond the med bay.



I do not understand why we have not been granted permission to stop this experiment! The infection has clearly spread beyond the med bay. Doctor Vetaxian has noticed something as well. Without further instruction from Axis Pheydra, I feel I have no choice but to inform her of what's been going on. It may not be too late to stop this madness.



Emergency! Emergency! If you are receiving this transmission, avoid the Fist of Azrion at all costs! The ship is infested with the Strain, and instruments detect we are being targeted by weapons on the surface of Nexus. MASSIVE weapons.

I am using ICI doomsday fail-safes to lock down all escape pods. No one leaves this ship to spread the Strain to the greater galaxy.

I just hope that Eldan cannon does a thorough job. My fellow citizens, it has been an honor to serve.

AgentZL2291 signing off.


This journal is located inside the Fist of Azrion at 1304,-4237

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