IconExiles  Science Lesson
Type Task
Mesmerist Ozliam
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Grimveil EnclaveCelestion
Rewards 86IconCopper
Reputation +188 Protectors of Celestion

Objectives Edit

Obtain biometrics from a Moodie Corpse using the body scanner in Grimveil Enclave Collect Ozliam's Tissue Sample from the biopsy jar in Grimveil Enclave Activate Ozliam's Cloner Console to prepare Ozliam's Cloner for an experiment in Grimveil Enclave Sequence data on Ozliam's Cloner in Grimveil Enclave

Description Edit

Mesmerist Ozliam in Grimveil Enclave has asked you to assist with her Moodie cloning experiment.

Progress Edit

You succeeded in helping Mesmerist Ozliam with her research, even if things did end up a little bit messy.

Completion Edit

Return to Mesmerist Ozliam in Grimveil Enclave

External links Edit

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