IconExiles  Scattered Supplies
Type Quest
Commander Durek
Level 4
MinLevel 1
Location Settler's ReachNorthern Wilds
Rewards 1IconSilver 6IconCopper
Supply Sack
Choose one
Basic Medishot Instant Healing x3
Protostar Space Rations x5
Episode Shipwrecked
Previous Indigenous Intelligence
Next Fiery Distraction

Objectives Edit

Gather Exile Supplies from the Exile Supply Crate scattered outside of Settler's Reach

Description Edit

Commander Durek needs you to gather supplies that were lost in the crash. He believes they're scattered on the ground outside of Settler's Reach.

Progress Edit

Thanks to your efforts, the crash survivors how have some badly needed blankets and supplies.

Completion Edit

Return to Commander Durek at Settler's Reach

External links Edit

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