(This informative Protostar manual published by Protostar Books is a useful how-to guide for those who wish to encourage alliances between hostile species. Protostar analysts believe this volume's surprising popularity may be due to a common, but egregious, misunderstanding of the title by lonely and curious human males.)

STEP ONE: Dress to impress! You will find a standard Protostar employee uniform conveys with market-tested certainty that you are a clone on the go. Protostar standard employee uniforms - the first step in every first contact marketing situation!

STEP TWO: Know your exchange rates! Personaliv templates can only imprint current pricing structures in the galaxy Download a market patch daily, or face recycling! Only then can you represent Protostar's superior products and services to previously unknown species.

STEP THREE: Smile! It goes a long way. It's also mandatory!



This journal is in at the Profitorium 9 in Whitevale at 3984,723

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