IconDominion  Savage Coast Savagery
Type Quest
Level 3
MinLevel 1
Location Destiny
Rewards 60IconCopper
Episode The Conquest of Nexus
Previous Embarkation

Objectives Edit

Speak with Kezrek Warbringer in the Departures Terminal Travel to Nexus via Crimson Isle from the Departures Terminal Travel to Nexus via Levian Bay from the Departures Terminal

Description Edit

Axis Pheydra has instructed you to report to Kezrek Warbringer in the Departures Terminal. The General is preparing to leave for Crimson Isle, and Axis Pheydra feels your expertise will be a valuable addition to his strike team. Speak to Kezrek Warbringer before catching a shuttle to Nexus.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Report to Scout Naharra for a mission update

External links Edit

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