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Warlord Vogor

Warlord Vogor

Long have the Osun watched. Long have we toiled and fought Long have we worked to rebuild our empire. And now, the time draws near. The gods have returned from the sky, though they deny themselves to us. They will fall. And then... they will serve us.

Yes, the Osun have learned. We know your secrets, old gods. You had to resort to the most vile tactics to defeat us, but the Osun know you now, old ones. Your old machines sing once more. Ancient weapons strain at the reins. And something new. A secret for the Osun to keep.

Your dead will serve us. We possess the power of the Soulrot. The darkwitch is wise, and the warlord is strong. Once Osun did your bidding. Now your dead are slaves to the Osun. They are in thrall to none but the Osun. Old gods, make way for us. We are coming.


This journal is located in Galeras inside Kel Vishal, right behind Warlord Vogor (5man) if he is up at 5896, -1716.

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