(This specialty publication is designed to appeal to the baser instincts of a largely Granok readership.)


ROCK TALK: Your rockin' correspondence.....002

IGNEOUS NIGHTS: Pictorial.....006

INTERVIEW: Krag Studrock rocks our world! .....012

METAMORPHICA: Lava-hot fiction by erotic powerhouse "Rocknonymous" .....022

CHIPS, FLAKES, AND GRAVEL: All the news and pix that wouldn't fit....036


Long time reader, first time writer

Been a fan of Rocks for a long time, especially the letters page, but never thought I'd have any kinda experience worth writin' in about ya know what I mean?

The first thing I noticed about her was her shine. Real polish on this one, reflective in all the right places with a walk that makes a fella feel metamorphic and boulders like I ain't seen since the War of Gnox. I was on guard duty and hadn't seen any trouble all night until she walked up.

"Hey there... lieutenant?" she asked me.

'Ha! Do I look like a stinkin' Dommie? I'm List an old-fashioned merc trooper. Don't call me 'lieutenant' I work for a livin'."

"Good," she purred, and the moon glinted off her shiny, light-blue shoulders in a way that left nothin' to the imagination. "Because I got a bb for ya, soldier."

I never seen rocks move like that but a few seconds later guard dub/ was the last thing on my mind.

(The text reads CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE, but the text reader appears to be stuck on this page.)


This Journal is located in Levian Bay on Greyshore at -2514,-5140. This area is normally accessed via teleporter from The Elder Vault on the main island.

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