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Recording start. This is Wickimer Shaderoot, Exile explorer, and by the Matrias - I have never seen a world like this. It's as if the Eldan themselves wanted to invite intrepid types like me to see everything they could about this amazing world. And holy trees and brambles, is it spectacular!

One thing that's particularly surprising about this area of Malgrave - so far, hardly ANYthing has tried to eat me! On a planet like this, where so many of the creatures seem to have evolved to be just a bit bigger than the average Aurin, that's quite special, let me tell you. So many strange and wonderful beasts, birds, and beings! And what an easy path up the side of this outcrop, conveniently placed where I can see almost everything. Why, it's as if all of the local creatures avoid this outcrop entirely for...some...reason...

Uh-oh. All right, I don't want to alarm anyone - and I hope you can understand me, because anything louder than a whisper is going to be a big mistake, I think - but this climb just became serious. Really. Serious. I just crested the top, and I now know why there were no other critters or predators on this outcrop. There's more on this planet than beasts and bots. as the saying goes. Yea. you guessed it: elementals.

Pure manifestations of primal energy infused with some kind of crazy willpower. They're floating forces of nature, literally, and I'm not...exactly...sure how to deal with - wait. Quiet, Wickimer. You're going to get yourself killed talking to yourself like - oh, no. It sees me. I need to get out of here, and quick. Only chance is to jump for it. I'm leaving this recording behind as a warning to others in case l don't make it. Here goes nothing!

(It is unclear from the recorded text whether or not Wickimer Shaderoot survived his desperate jump from the top of the rocky outcrop.)


This journal is located in Rattlebone Sands, Malgrave at 1710,3110

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