Roan are a common species of ungulate found on many planets throughout the galaxy. In fact, roan have been domesticated in so many places and on so many worlds, scholars are not entirely certain where they originated. But whatever the planet of origin, roan have spread everywhere that humans and other sentient species of gone, often evolving into distinctive local breeds.

Roan Ranching

Although some lowborn Dominion citizens also engage in the practice, roan ranching is a much more common way of making a living among Exiles on Nexus - people who, for centuries, had no real access to livestock or wide-open spaces. Roan are usually sold for meat and hides.

Many roan ranchers also raise Oxian (a closely related bovine species), Rowsdowers, Kurg, and other species; along with crops and agriculture. The greatest threat to these ranchers is usually not the enemy in the ongoing war between the Dominion and the Exiles - ranches are low-priority targets - but the many predators on Nexus that also find roan to be a delicious source of protein.

Subspecies Edit

  • Longhorn Cow
  • Bluff Bull - Malgrave - Fiera Bluff

Gallery Edit

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