IconExiles  Risky Riches
Type Task
Treasure Hunter Tuwawi
Treasure Hunter Tuwawi
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Tanglemore DenCelestion
Rewards 1IconSilver 5IconCopper
Reputation +188 Protectors of Celestion
+188 Lopp

Objectives Edit

Dig for shinies beneath Loose Rocks in the Tanglemore Den

Description Edit

Treasure Hunter Tuwawi in Tanglemore Den came in looking for shinies, only to find a big monster and a bunch of captured Lopp. Not much can come between a Lopp and his shinies, but this creature might be it. Find shinies for Tuwawi before he manages to get himself killed in Tanglemore Den.

Progress Edit

You found many shinies in Tanglemore Den and have given them to Treasure Hunter Tuwawi. Though he seems very happy at this find, you hope he's been successfully discouraged from returning to Tanglemore Den in the future.

Completion Edit

Return to Treasure Hunter Tuwawi in Tanglemore Den

External links Edit

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