IconExiles  Rising Returns
Holidays Return Manager
Level 10
MinLevel 10
Location Thayd
Experience 134
Rewards 85IconCopper - 10 ColdCash
Episode Protostar's Winterfest

(Description) The hired holiday help used old vind gas to return packages to the SuperMall! Now valuable merchandise is floating over the city!

Objectives Edit

Gather failed deliveries in Fortune's Ground

Progress Edit

The Holiday Return Manager has had some problems with lazy hired help. The returns heading to the SuperMall-in-the-Sky are floating listlessly around Fortune's Ground. Collect them before stock runs out on the best Protostar deals!

Completion Edit

Return to the Holiday Return Manager

Rewards Edit

85IconCopper - 10 ColdCash (may vary on character's level)

Notes Edit

Items aare collected by jumping through them. Must not be on a mount.

External links Edit

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