IconDominion  Rise and Shine
Type Quest
Axis Pheydra
Emperor Myrcalus
Level 1
Location Destiny
Experience 100
Rewards 60IconCopper
Episode Embrace Your Destiny
Next Dominion Devotion

You've awakened in Cryo-Recovery aboard the Dominion Arkship, Destiny. Due to Exile tampering with the cryosleep program, Axis Pheydra has ordered you to undergo a cerebral scan to determine if you've been affected. Once your loyalty to the Dominion is proven, Pheydra will have more tasks for you.

Objectives Edit

  • Enter the scanner in Cryo-Recovery
  • Survive the cerebral scan in Cryo-Recovery
  • Proceed to the highborn conditioning area in Cryo-Recovery
  • Interrogate Suspicious Citizens in Cryo-Recovery
  • Interrogate Shifty Dominion Citizen in Cryo-Recovery
  • Use the Scan Console to scan Suspicious Citizen for Exile tampering in Cryo-Recovery

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 60IconCopper
  • 100 XP

Notes Edit

Once you have logged into the game with your character, you will have a short cut scene where your Cryo pod is brought down and you are awakened. You've awakened in the Cryo-Recovery aboard Dominion Arkship, Destiny.

After you accept the quest from Axis Pheydra you've been ordered to undergo a cerebral scan to determine your loyalty to the Dominion. Follow Pheydra through the scanner and answer the questions. Then you will interrogate Suspicious Citizens to find the exiles lurking among the citizens. Right click on the "gear", or use "F" on your keyboard on the highlighted citizens. Another cut scene will begin then Pheydra will have you use a control panel that is glowing and has a "gear" that is click-able, to scan the other citizens.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Rise and Shine - Fixed and issue that was causing a player to be stuck in a stunned state for a few minutes after reloading UI.

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