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Expedition Day 7

The infestation is dire. It spreads quickly and envelops all around it, twisting creatures, contorting them into ravenous monstrosities. Last week a large grazer buck was bitten by a corrupted garr. Now, green spittle flows freely from the buck's maw and bulbous sacs of pus protrude from its body, violently popping every 50 often. Most animals keep a good distance from the Strain, but it has overtaken the area's prime food and water sources, leaving wildlife little choice but to risk contamination.

Expedition Day 8

Confound it! Last night a varmint sneaked into camp and coated all of my materials in muck before I chased it away. I cleaned up as delicately as l could, but nevertheless managed to wipe some of the filth onto my brow. Already the bio-phage is taking hold. Odd bumps dot my face and my skin seems to be hardening into some kind of shell. I also feel strong, able to lift great weights with ease. I must work quickly to finish my latest antidote formula, though it shall likely be my last.

(The text on the next page resembles haphazard scratches, each letter varying greatly in size and shape)


This journal is located at the Rotwood Collective in Wilderrun at  2601-4288

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