IconExiles  Repairing the Core
Type Quest
Protostar Operations Supervisor
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Coldwater GulchAlgoroc
Rewards 68IconCopper
Reputation +188 The Algoroc Accord
+188 Protostar
Episode Sunken Prospects
Previous Protostar SOS
Next Bots Can't Swim

Objectives Edit

Clear ice from the Starboard Vent of the crashed ship in Coldwater Gulch Clear ice from the Port Vent of the crashed ship in Coldwater Gulch Repair the crashed ship's Reactor Core before it melts down in the middle of Coldwater Gulch

Description Edit

The submerged Protostar transport engines are malfunctioning after crashing in Coldwater Gulch. If the ship's core isn't manually flushed, it will go critical and destroy all of Algoroc! The ship's vents need to be cleaned out and the reactor core shut down before it's too late!

Progress Edit

You fought through the icy water to reach the reactor core of the crashed Protostar ship in Coldwater Gulch, flushing it and averting a meltdown that would have destroyed Algoroc.

Completion Edit

Report to the Protostar Operations Supervisor via the Datachron

External links Edit

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