Repair Bot
Icon skillengineer repair bot
No cost
No cooldown
Required Level: 20
Create a Repair Bot that deals (8.71%+8.71%+5.52) technology damage to 1 foe and restores (10.01%+10.01%+6.78) shield to you every 3s. While active, you gain access to Shield Boost
[Bot Ability] Shield Boost: Restores (12.95%+12.95%+8.21) shield to 5 allies within 10m every 1s for 4.05s
Two bots can be active at one time
Tier Upgrade
+(2.255%+2.255%) damage per tick, +(2.6%+2.6%) shield heal per tick, +(1.74%+1.74%) Shield Boost shield
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Grant yourself and Repair Bot increased Shield Mitigation by 15%
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Shield Boost grants a Defense: Increases Technology and Magic Resistance by 17%

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