IconExiles  Relics and Lore
Type Quest
Belle Walker
Belle Walker
Level 2
MinLevel 1
Location Relic RoomGambler's Ruin
Experience 110
Rewards 1IconSilver
Episode Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, and Bag 'Em
Previous Relic Raid
Next To the Defense

Though you've disarmed the Dominion's Primal F-Bomb, Belle Walker is concerned that the relics and lore stored in the Relic Room may still be in danger. She's asked you to collect several objects to ensure they'll be protected should the worst comes to pass.

Objectives Edit

  • Collect the Galactic Explorer's Handbook in the Relic Room
  • Compile the TALES: Adventure Awaits! collection in the Relic Room
  • Override the Datacube Shield Controls in the Relic Room
  • Activate the Nexus Datacube in the Relic Room

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 1IconSilver
  • 110 XP

Notes Edit

The Galactic Explorer's Handbook is an issue of Tales From Beyond The Fringe. As a player in WildStar Online, you will be collecting pages throughout the game to complete issues of the magazine, one issue in each zone.

External links Edit

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