See Account region for unrelated term about geographic grouping of realms and accounts.

Regions are the playable game areas in WildStar, each of which contain many smaller Zones and Subzones.

Description Edit

A region is the largest playable area in WildStar. When you enter a Realm you are essentially entering a region. Each region is divided into Zones, and these zones are what is displayed on the in-game map, opened by usually by pressing the 'm' key.

Zones are further divided into smaller Subzones. Maps of these areas can be seen in the game Minimap, visible in the upper right corner of the normal player UI, and in the main larger in-game map, which can be accessed usually by pressing 'M' on the keyboard. See Regions list for a list of game regions, and Zones by region for a list of game zones by region.

Regions Edit

Most regions in WildStar on the planet Nexus.

See also Edit

  • Nexus - the main planet of WildStar

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