The Free Companies of Nexus maintain a bulwark in Malgrave at Redsand Station, protecting the Granok hold of Fiera Bluff and the rundown outpost of Cactopod Point. The station has been particularly vexed by circumstances at nearby Gravestone, an entire Exile town that was butchered by a gang of bandits years earlier. Like the Dominion, Redsand does a great deal of trading with the Freebots and Lopp of Shinysand to supplement their provisions.

Malgrave Subzones
Area 77 · Barren Sands · Camp Devotion · Camp Hellrose · Chittering Reach · Containment R-12 · Exo-Lab X1-BB · Fiera Bluff · Flamedancer Commune · Flamedancer Enclave · Fleshfouler Village · Fort Dominus · Grancor's Den · Gravestone · Lancer Crash Site · Pillager's Landing · Rancher Rishka's Camp · Redsand Station · Robber's Rest · Sandstinger Waystation · Sandstone Hold · Scavenger's Roost · Scourwind Peak · Scourwind Perch · Shardspire Canyon · Shinysands Oasis · Slushstill Plateau · Sunstorm Village · Swindler's End · The Hellrose Bowl · The Malgrave Trail (Instance) · The Protostar Marketing Camp

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