See Realms list for a list of playable game realms.

A realm is an instance of the WildStar game world, where all of the players and NPCs can fully interact with each other. All realms are exactly the same, with the exception that some marked for special PvP style play. Realms are hosted on computer servers and the terms "realm" and "server" are often interchangeable.

Description Edit

Realms are where characters are created by users, for play. Users can launch WildStar and after logging in, can pick from one of the available game realms. Once a realm is selected and loaded, users can create a new character or choose from an existing one. A player can then finally enter the realm with the character, and roam about that realm's world.

The WildStar game world is duplicated (mirrored) across multiple realms to prevent any one realm from becoming too crowded and overwhelming the servers for proving good game response, and to gain other efficiencies. Realms are also grouped into geographic regions, such as North America (NA) and Europe (EU), and each account region having its own set of realm names. For the adventurous, there are also test realms that are periodically available where players can try experimental features in development before they get released as general patches. Test realms are in a special test region, where realms usually exist in both PvE and PvP varieties.

Types Edit

To allow for different play-styles, realms come in four types:

  • PvE - Player vs. Environment, or normal realms.
  • PvP - Player vs. Player, or automatic world PvP fighting.

Stats Edit

Currently there are about 6 public beta realms, with one set aside as a PvP style realm. The more closed public weekday Beta consists of just one server.

Notes Edit

  • Before release there are Beta realms, which function similarly to test realms.

See also Edit

  • Realms list - sortable page of WildStar realms.
  • Category:Realms - list of pages for each realm.
  • PvP and PvE - background on both normal PvE and PvP realms
  • RP - information related to role playing, which some realms emphasize.

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