The razortail is a simian species native to Nexus. With bodies smaller than the average human, these largely arboreal and omnivorous creatures use their prehensile tails and brachiating arms to move swiftly through the forest canopy hunting small game and wild fruit. They usually live in packs led by an alpha male that number anywhere from twenty to eighty individuals, though packs of several hundred have been reported in remote areas difficult to reach without aerial vehicles. Xenobiologists estimate razortails spend less than ten percent of their lives on the ground, preferring to remain in trees unless their territory is threatened. Razortails owe their names to the sharp, flat spines that cover their prehensile tails. These spines, laced with Nexus metal alloys that are part of the razortail's diet, provide the creatures with an extremely effective weapon they can crack like a whip with surprising accuracy.


Summoned Razortail

Savannah Ringtail

Savannah Howler


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