IconDominion  Raving Ravenok
Type Task
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Mistymurk CampEllevar
Rewards 1IconSilver 5IconCopper
The Grumpel's Repulsor
Mistmurk Deflector
Ravenok Kinetic Sphere
Reputation +188 The Ellevar Sanction

Objectives Edit

  • Catch Escaped Ravenok using Splorg Bait at Mistymurk Shore and return them to Dio at Mistymurk Camp
  • Lure Goldy out of hiding near Mistymurk Road with the Veggie Bait, and beat it to submission so it will return to Dio at Mistymurk Camp

Description Edit

Dio the Grumple has requested your assistance rounding up Escaped Ravenok along the Mistmurk Shore. Use Splorg Bait to lure and capture them, and then return to Dio at Mistymurk Camp.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Dio the Grumple at Mistymurk Camp

External links Edit

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