Ravenok racers

Ravenok Racers


In this issue: Racing forms! Ads for specially bred speed-enhancing splorg bait! Full-color holograms of all your favorite ravenok racers! AND MORE


Page 04.....THE FUTURE OF RAVENOK RACING! It's the hottest new competitive, timed, animal-based sport on the Fringe - and beyond! Who's the greatest ravenok racer? Who's got the hunger to knock them off their lofty perch? And who will be the great ravenok racers of the future? We've got all the inside analysis!

Page 12.....RRI HALL OF FAME UPDATE! Who are the fastest ravenok of all time? Who rode those ravenok to greatness? We polled experts and our own reporters for to find out and you can see all our current rankings on the hall of fame charts. Will Feathered Fury finally reach the top spot or will Beak Dancer maintain her three-issue winning streak? Can anyone break Chua jockey "Dangerous" Dozzi Naks record of thirteen straight victories? Probably not, but you won't know until you read the article!

Page 16.....BLOOD ON THE TRACK! Will the tragic events of last year's Wilderrun 5000-Meter Dash be repeated, and if so, how many in the crowd might be slaughtered by aggressive, intelligent predatory birds that are barely domesticated and generally pretty surly to begin with? We'll lay down the odds for all your bookmaking needs.

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This Journal is in Ellevar at -2924,-2932 at Mistymurk Camp

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