Pyrokinetic Flame
Icon skillesper dislodge essence
20 Focus
Range 35 m
10s cooldown
Required Level: 21
Conjure a torch that ignites upon attaching to a foe or reaching the end of its path
Generate a Psi Point
The torch deals (7.79%+4.16) magic damage to 5 nearby foes and restores (7.79%+4.16) health to 5 nearby allies every 1s for 6s
Tier Upgrade
+(1.07% damage), +(1.07%) health
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Allies healed gain Empower: Increases Assault and Support Power by 5% for 4s
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Foes hit receive a Weaken: Reduces Assault and Support Power by 5% for 4s

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