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(This informative Protostar manual published by Protostar Books is a useful how-to guide for prospective sychophants, toadies, and yes-beings.)-Never let them see you sweat! Sweating is not possible for a Protostar clone, as Protostar clones DO NOT POSSESS SWEAT GLANDS! Therefore, perspiration of any kind is unacceptable.

Set realistic goals! And then, make unrealistic promises about how you'll deliver on them ahead of time! This will keep your manager guessing, and managers love guessing.

-Anticipate your manager's expectations and act accordingly! In addition to frequent rescheduling and the prompt delivery of stimulant-riddled Protostar beverages, this may also include self-termination. Don't wait to be asked - fire yourself today!



This journal is in Prosperity Junction,Whitevale at 3015,836

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