The mammalian pumera species is one of the most widely distributed on Nexus, appearing to have adapted to almost every ecosystem that provides sufficient prey for these cunning feline carnivores. It is unknown whether they are native to the planet, or evolved from feral animals. Regardless of their origin, all pumera conform to the basic feline form - retractable claws, whiskered muzzles, long and expressive tails, and the powerful musculature of an ambush predator.


Savannah Firefang - Deradune

Goldfang Stalker - Deradune

Unmodified Pumera - Deradune (part of a questline in the Feralplain Holding Pens, west of Outreach Post)

Feraltooth Pumera

Froststriped Pumera - Whitevale

Icespiked Predator - Whitevale


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