IconExiles  Protostar SOS
Type Quest
Protostar Operations Supervisor
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Coldwater GulchAlgoroc
Rewards 27IconCopper
Reputation +94 The Algoroc Accord
+94 Protostar
Episode Sunken Prospects
Next Repairing the Core

Objectives Edit

Description Edit

Foreman Hammerworth picked up a distress call from a Protostar ship in need of assistance in Coldwater Gulch. While responding isn't mandatory, Hammerworth has suggested that helping Protostar might be profitable.

Progress Edit

Upon reaching the coordinates of the distress call, you discovered a Protostar transport ship partially submerged in a lake, as well as a Protostar employee requesting your assistance.

Completion Edit

Investigate the Distress Signal in Coldwater Gulch

External links Edit

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