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Greetings from Phineas T. Rotostar! As you know, we here at Protostar place a special emphasis on real estate properties when it comes to the planet Nexus. After all, just about everyone wants their own little slice of home here on this wondrous world, and the Protostar Corporation is in the business of making those slices reasonably affordable, marginally safe, and relatively available!

That's why it's with demonstrable sadness that I must inform you that we have filed foreclosure proceedings against SERGEANT KARA OF ECON, the contractually obligated owner of the property designated 'WINDSPIRE VIGIL. If you or someone you love are SERGEANT KARA OF FCON or you are a sentient being who knows of his or her current whereabouts, you are encouraged to contact your nearest Protostar Housing Agent today to report what you know.. for money!

Even if you don't know anything about this situation, your nearest Protostar Housing Agent can set YOU up with the home of your dreams! Why not consider your own little slice of home on the ground, in the sky, or perhaps even in orbit! With Protostar, literally ANYthing* is possible!

Yours in profitability,

- PT Rotostar

"Literally ANYthing" does not legally include literally anything. See your Protostar Housing Agent for further details.


This journal is located in Galeras at Windspire Vigil 5112,-2930

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