The Protostar Corporation is the largest and most successful business enterprise in the known universe. Seeing in the legendary planet Nexus limitless opportunity for profit, Protostar has been a permanent presence there since its discovery. Protostar is available to handle almost any job that needs doing with their armies of bots and their ostensibly efficient corporate culture - but their efforts often fall victim to managerial incompetence, internal power struggles, and crushing corporate bureaucracy.

Protostar ClonesEdit

Protostar's employees are a race of diminutive green humnoid clones, all male, based on the DNA of Protostar CEO Phineas T. Rotostar. These clones come with all of Rotostar's personality quirks, especially his arrogance and obsessions with profit and efficiency, but are ready to receive Protostar-designed persoanlity templates that would make them the perfect corporate employees. Clones do not possess individual names, but are instead indetified by their titles in most sistuations. If a specific clone ever needs to be identified, an ID number can always be found imprinted under the left armpit. Fortunately such specific identification is rarely required. 


A Protostar operation is any site at which Protostar has established a long-term or temporary facility (no matter how small) to accomplish a specific goal. Protostar operatons are usually specific to a primary goal - resource collection, marketing, and research are three common subjects - and often features that espouse the glories of profit, such as Prosperity Station

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