(This document appears to be a copy of the daily schedule of the warden of Deadrock Prison, and the disposition of guards and other security measures - including securitybots - on a weekly basis.)

0000: Guard Shift B-1 Begins

0130: Warden on premises

0215 Guard Shift A-1 Ends

0400: Guard Shift C-1 Begins

0615 Guard shift B-1 Ends.

0800 Guard Shift D-1 Begins

1015 Guard Shift C-1 Ends

1200 Guard Shift A-2 Begins


0227 - Block TF3

0747 - Block TF3

0812- Block TF3

1013 - Block TF3

(The back of the document is covered with bloody scratches that form a crude map of the prison grounds, with marks indicating specific targets within the prison infrastructure. Whoever made the map did not likely have access to traditional writing implements.)

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