The Primevals are massive, powerful beings believed to have been created by the Eldan through means not commonly understood. They are infused with raw primal power, and some have even taken on the roles of gods to other natives of planet Nexus, such as the Pell and the Falkrin. Each of the Primevals manifests a different physical form in accordance with their signature primal power.

Known PrimevalsEdit

Osiric, Primeval of AirEdit

Osiric is believed to be the oldest of the six Primevals, and he makes his roost at the Focus of Air in the Galeras region. This area is dominated by the airborne Falkrin natives and settled, in part, by the newly arrived Exiles. The Falkrin were naturally drawn to Osiric, who declared himself Lord of the Skies.

The Falkrin worshipped him as a god and in turn, Osiric granted them his protection and favor. He helped facilitate the growth of their civilization, choosing their females - called the Brides of Osiric - as the arbiters of his will. He taught them the secrets of primal air, sometimes even bestowing items of power upon them.

See alsoEdit

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