IconExiles  Preyfinder's Demise
Type Quest
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Bonerazer VillageCelestion
Experience 319xp
Rewards 5IconSilver 14IconCopper
Choose one
Preyfinder's Garment
Bonerazer Greaves
Preyfinder's Manacles
Razen's Gauntlets
Reputation +564 Protectors of Celestion
Episode Draken on the Hunt
Previous Tampered Signals

Objectives Edit

Kill Razen the Preyfinder in Bonerazer Village

Description Edit

Arwick Redleaf would like you to kill Razen the Preyfinder, the Draken huntress and matriarch responsible for tormenting the Aurin, in Bonerazer Village.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Report to Arwick Redleaf via your Datachron

External links Edit

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