IconDominion  Powering Down
Type Quest
Level 3
MinLevel 3
Location Mondo's BeacheadCrimson Isle
Rewards 83IconCopper
Episode Operation Shieldbreaker
Previous none


Mondo Zax wants you to sabotage the Power Regulators in the vicinity of the Megatech Shield Generator

Objectives Edit

Find the Megatech Shield Generator 0/3 Disable the Power Regulators at the Megatech Shield Generator

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Mondo Zax

See? Mondo told you - no regulator, no shield. Simple! Now Dominion fleet can bombard Exiles, turn them into fine red mist.

Rewards Edit

83 Copper / Class helm

Notes Edit

What happens when the shield is down?

That simple! Dominion send in blimps. Blimps carry demolition teams. Demolition teams destroy Exile cannons. Boom!

What is Megatech?

Megatech is Exile faction. Seek out powerful Eldan technology, use against Dominion. Stupid Exiles not understand! They will fail!

(F2P CBT 8/15)

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