Plushie Panic
Plushie Department Manager (Protostar)
Level 12
MinLevel 12
Experience 242
Rewards 1IconSilver 21IconCopper - 10 ColdCash
Episode Protostar's Winterfest

(Description) Disaster! Our latest shipment of patented Chase-Me Plushies have been deposited prematurely elsewhere in the city. We're almost out of stock!

Objectives Edit

Catch the runaway plushies running around Legion's Way (Illium) / Lair of the Black Hoods (Thayd)

Progress Edit

The Plushie Department Manager in the Parade Grounds of Illium / Shindig Hollow of Thayd has asked you to hunt clown the runaway robotic plushies tottering around in Legion's Way / Lair of the Black Hoods before they get muddy and drastically decrease their resale value.

Completion Edit

Return to the Plushie Department Manager

Rewards Edit

{cost|||1|21}} - 10 ColdCash

Notes Edit

This quest is available during Protostar's Winterfest for both factions and takes place in their home cities.

External links Edit

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