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TFBTF The Protostar Difference cover

Phineas T. Rotostar in "The Protostar Difference!" cover


Phineas T. "PIT." Rotostar was a Corporixian with a dream - mid-level manager at a mid-level genetics lab with a dream that would change the planet Corporix, and the galaxy! Being a Corporixian, PIT. knew the best way to change anything was by turning a massive profit at little to no expense. But how to achieve a vaguely defined two-pronged goal?

"The answer to a vaguely defined two-pronged goal," he said one day to no one in particular, "is a vaguely defined two-pronged marketing-based approach!"

The trouble with the way his people did business, PIT. realized, was a lack of focus, organization, and manpower - traits he believed were contained, but suppressed, in the genetic material of every Corporixian. Although their bots handled most physical tasks for the corporations that made up Corporix's planetary government Corporixian populations were in severe decline. Evolved dislike of one another - a trait that had made them a fortune in competitive marketplaces - reached a tipping point when genetic profiles became easily manipulable. Corporixians bought and traded these profiles on the Corporixian Gene Exchange (CGE), driving a casino-like economy that thrived even as the Corporixians faced unwitting extinction. But P. T. Rotostar's two-pronged solution would both save the Corporixian race forever and lead to a new age of profitability!

The first prong relied on P.T.'s knowledge of the CGE. He started buying up as many genetic profiles as he could, selling a few for profit to support further purchases. He repeated this process over and over, using complex mathematics and the Corporix's addiction to new profiles until he owned every single profile on the planet He now had more or less supreme power on the planet Corporix. And the first thing PIT. did once achieving supreme power was to outlaw every single genetic profile on the planet save his own.

It was then time for the second and most crucial prong: a patented food additive that would immediately change the genetic profile of every Corporixian to match P.T.'s own. And so he debuted to an awestruck world...

"The Protostar Difference!"

The Protostar Difference immediately became the most-used food supplement on Corporix by law. The next day, the entire remaining population of Corporix woke up as perfect genetic duplicates of Phineas T. Rotostar himself - easily templated (and easily replaced) clones. Now free of the Corporixian's great weakness - distrust of other Corporixians - the newly-formed Protostar Corporation automatically took control of the newly renamed planet Protostar.

Today, Protostar is the most powerful business enterprise in the galaxy. And that's "The Protostar Difference!"

**Please consult your doctor before deciding if The Protostar Difference is right for you. Side effects will include irreversible genetic replacement and permanent employment by the Protostar Corporation. The Protostar Difference is a trademark of the Protostar Corporation. All rights reserved.

Location Edit

The keys for this issue of Tales From Beyond The Fringe are located in Malgrave.

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