Unlocking Edit

Owanee Speedway challenge automatically begins when players interact with a speeder inside the Grimvoid Landing Camp.

Players must race from the Grimvoid Landing Camp to the Owanee Research Station in Deradune, and reach it before time runs out. There are no markers or indicators for this challenge, so use your map or set a custom marker to guide you on the way.

Tiers Edit

  • Bronze: Reach Owanee Research Station in 40 seconds (125 points).
  • Silver: Reach Owanee Research Station in 30 seconds (250 points).
  • Gold: Reach Owanee Research Station in 15 seconds (375 points).

This challenge has an unusually long cooldown period of 10 hours.

Difficulty Edit

This challenge is a normal difficulty challenge. If you know where you're going, it shouldn't be that hard to complete at silver level or better.

Completing this challenge is a requirement for the Up to the Challenge: Deradune Achievement.

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