IconDominion  Out For Lunch
Type Quest
Nerissa Artan
Nerissa Artan
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Mistymurk CampEllevar
Rewards 4IconSilver 19IconCopper
Shawl of the Radiant Legion
Webspinner's Manipulators
Spiders Smashers
Mistymurk Layered Legs
Reputation +376 The Ellevar Sanction
+376 Vigilant Church
Episode The Spider's Web
Previous Priority One Distress Call
Next Kill Them All for Science

Objectives Edit

  • Rescue Radiant Soldier from Webwood Cocoon in the Webwood

Description Edit

Radiant Legion soldiers and merchants have been captured by spiders in the Webwood Forest. Nerissa Artan at Mistymurk Camp has asked you to rescue them from their cocoon prisons.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Nerissa Artan at Mistymurk Camp

External links Edit

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