In the wake of the battle of Camp Icefury, both factions have returned to the Northern Wilds to lay claim the frozen wasteland. But as the conflict between the bitter enemies intensifies, a new danger emerges from an ancient Eldan exo-lab, threatening heroes from both sides...

Come and enjoy this brand new WildStar zone, designed specifically for max level players who want to experience the saga of the Northern Wastes!


  • Face off against a veritable rogues gallery of new baddies, including cybernetic monstrosities, nefarious necromancers, and creepy cannibals!
  • Discover hidden locations as you explore this dangerous wintry wilderness, with new quests and missions at every turn!
  • Max level means max rewards! Collect brand new epic gear and bags of shiny loot as you fight for control of the Northern Wastes!


Patch changes Edit

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