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Nooks Barkbiter2
Gender Male
Race Aurin
Type Minion
Role Quest Giver
Location Northern Wilds
Coordinates 4210,-5593

Nooks Barkbiter is an Aurin NPC Explorer found all over Nexus, usually in some sort of scrape or shirking his duties. He is not a very competent explorer, his quests oftentimes involving him slacking off or saving him from his latest predicament.

Locations Edit

Alizar Edit

  • Northern Wilds - Inside a part of the crashed ship, hidden by flames. Meeting him here will grant a speed boost.
  • Celestion - Up a large tree, near the buzzbing hives. He offers some very healthy honey.
  • Algoroc - Stuck up a tree, with a Girrok waiting at the base for him.

Isigrol Edit

  • Grimvault - In the center of a Strain infected valley, with his girlfriend nearby

Off-world Edit

  • Shiphand: Deep Space Exploration - He is one of the victims of Ikthian abduction.

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