IconExiles  Nexus, Ho!
Type Quest
Communicator (Avra Darkos)
Avra Darkos
Level 2
MinLevel 1
Location Terminal JunctionGambler's Ruin
Experience 130
Rewards 1IconSilver
Weapon per class
Episode To Nexus... and Beyond
Previous Warbot Worries
Next The Ravenous Grove
Mysteries of the Eldan
or Never Thayd Away

With the Dominion's assault on the Gambler's Ruin thwarted, it's time to head down to Nexus. Avra Darkos has contacted you and asked you to meet her in Terminal Junction so she can give you a proper farewell.

Objectives Edit

  • Reactivate the Central Teleporter Circuit in the Greenhouse
  • Take a teleporter to Terminal Junction

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

External links Edit

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