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(This datapad of unknown origin has been ID-encrypted to hide the owner's identity and affiliation.)

It seems the Eldan used this installation to pump energy into these enormous exanite crystals. This in turn caused the exanite to resonate, giving the material anti-entropic, anti-virulent, healing properties. It also seems exanite is unlike almost all other crystalline elements in that it will resonate at multiple frequencies, not just one. What might other "tunings" of the element generate? Could its perfect primal balance be destabilized, or even weaponized? What might such a frequency do to the soul shards of the Mechari for example?

(Field Note - - Resonator Tower)

Preliminary investigation of the Resonator Tower consoles shows the Progenitors' research data still exists in the buffers. It will take some effort, but l should be able to uncover that invaluable data.

(Field Note - 1:112:0011 - Resonator Tower)

I've broken through the first layer of security on the Eldan resonance research. It seems once they discovered the frequency that induced anti-virulent properties, they sought only to refine that. They didn't look for any other resonance-generated properties. There is more to their experiment plan in deeper directories that remain locked.

(Field Note - - Resonator Tower)

I got access to the sub-directories last night. The Eldan DID investigate other frequencies. Some have very promising descriptions like "Amplified Exothermic Reactions." I'm onto something huge here!

(Field Note - Resonator Tower)

I've made a terrible mistake.

I broke through the last of the Eldan encryption, and discovered a proposal to attempt the induction of two or more resonances within the Exanite simultaneously. The researchers apparently thought it would increase energy output exponentially. There was even a test program entered into the console ready to go, but never used.

Well, I couldn't let that stand. I hit the "Run" icon, and immediately the control room filled with blinding light, and I passed out.

When I woke up I was weak and nauseous. My gums felt spongy and my teeth were loose. Now oozing sores have presented on any bit of skin that was exposed to the light. I'm going to try to make it back to camp to warn the others not to pursue this line of inquiry. If I don't make it, let this journal be a warning not to mess with strange radiation. And tell my wife... I...

(Power-save mode activated due to inactivity. Please consult your manual for further information.)


This Journal is located near the Sonic Plaza, The Defile at 4284,-4959

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