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By Junior Xenosociologist Branchgood

Draft 1. Not for publication.

The Thundercall tribe of the Pell have shown me their ways, and I reckon they're just about the friendliest darned tribe ever did meet! Why, they didn't even by to cast any of their crazy curses on me, like they do with some folk. No, sirree, they plumb welcomed me into their village like I was one of 'em!

Though I'm sure glad I ain't. One of 'em, I mean. Them suckers are friendly, but whooooeee! They are some ugly sons of guns, I tell you what!

Anyhoo, I'm just packing up a few pieces of gear, because guess what? They invited me to LIVE AMONGST 'EM for a while! Just think of what I'm gonna learn from these folks! They've been on Nexus as long as anyone can remember includin' them. And I'm basically gonna become an honorary Thundercall Pell, JUST LIKE THAT. Ain't it cool? I sure think so.

Well, they're gettin' all chanty out there, so I'll just leave this voice log in the tent Listin case. Don't wanna get it fried by the Focus of Air or nothin' like that! Which is probably where I'm goin'. Oh man, this is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.


This journal is located in Galeras at Riena Khorich's Camp  5568,-2240

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